Wobadub Soundsystem In Full Effect

Datum: 15.04.2023
Uhrzeit: 22:00 Uhr


To our beloved dub addicts,

To those curious ones who don’t know what we do and wanna figure out

And (specially) To our friends who don’t like what we do but still like to come and support us,

To all you,
Big news! Big date! Big night!

Wobadub Soundsystem is back with the best tunes and its imposing healing bass, ready for a night dancing from Reggae, to Dub, to Dubstep. And it’s gonna be special.

Special because it will be intimate, exclusively Wobadub Crew giving the best of itself. We love having guest making music with us, but it has been a while since the family played for itself and we wanna feel each other and give it to you.

Special because it may be the last indoor session for a while. With the sun and the warmth slowly but steadily becoming more present, soon will we be moving outside. Rabbits leaving the holes. But not yet, a last one in the darkness to celebrate.

So come, join us. We are happy to share. Our vibes, our music, and the love for what we do.

If you need a impression check this: Aftermovie @ Schaubude Kiel