TIPP + Heavy Petting

Datum: 28.05.2022
Uhrzeit: 20:00 Uhr


Bikini Kiel presents:

TIPP (Punk, KI/HH)


Heavy Petting (SynthPunk/NDW, Leipzig)


Doors open 20.oo

On our shows we want no-one to feel excluded. So trans*,non-binary, inter*, women and queers take the space – up the queer punx!

In the „left scene“ and at left places we often still find the `isms like sexism encounter in society. Even within the punk spectrum we can notice a white cis-male dominated scene and encounter hate against non-heteronomative peeps.

For all these reasons we would like to create an athmosphere where everyone is aware and where we can take care of everybody.