The Scandals, The Uprising und Prekariat

Datum: 02.05.2014
Uhrzeit: 21:00 Uhr



Konzert mit The Scandals, The Uprising und Prekariat.

The Scandals are a band from New Jersey who have been hitting the road hard since 2004. Comprised of 4 guys who spend more time in the van than their own beds, they bring back the ideals and sing alongs of working class punk rock and mash them with their own blend of hard hitting harmonies and hooks.

The Uprising are a very young band from Berlin, featuring former members of Frontkick, Far From Finished, Nervous Chillin and Distressed! They are superawesome – and superhungry! Here’s a recent video from their gig at The Clash in Berlin.

Prekariat from the beautiful city of Neumünster come along with some dirty rotten Deutschpunk.