Datum: 21.05.2004
Uhrzeit: 21:00 Uhr



Skitsystem (düsterer Skandicrust / Hardcore, welcher schon so einige Bands beeinflusst hat…)

Borigor (aus’m Münsterland mit Leuten von Arsen a.k.a. König der Monster, Cheerleaders of the apocalypse…) und

Neuron (die neue Metal-Crust Band aus Kiel, ehemals Fleischwolf)

Skitsystem are a Swedish hardcore-crustpunk band. What do you get if you take two members from the death metal band „At the Gates“ and another death metal guy and a punk rocker? You get Skitsystem. As you might have figured out is that this is raw, aggressive fucking crustpunk!
Skitsystem was formed by Tompa and Wallenberg who for a long time had talked of starting a punk band. The other two members are Alex and Adrian. Before they named the group to Skitsystem they called themselves for System Collapse. System Collapse made one gig with groups like Exctinction of mankind, Warcollapse and Counterblast. After that gig the guys thought it was time to do something serious with the band, and then Mats from the record company Distortion heard the band and wanted to release something with em. They changed the name from System Collapse to Skitsystem. Skitsystem really wanted to do something of their own, because they thought that there was too many Discharge wanna be bands in Sweden. Skitsystem don´t sound like another Discharge rip-of band, Skitsystem have a more old-school sound. The influences are bands like Disrupt and the new Doom. In 1995 they released the 7″ Profithysteri and a year later they released the 10″ Ondskans ansikte. They are going to release a CD sometime later, and the CD will be called Allt e Skit!. The new album will be both released on CD and LP. The CD will include both Profithysteri and Ondskans ansikte as bonus tracks.