Permanent Ruin und Arrested Denial

Datum: 02.05.2015
Uhrzeit: 21:00 Uhr



Rotten Sprotten präsentiert: Konzert mit Permanent Ruin und Arrested Denial.

Permanent Ruin (HC/Power-Violence, San Jose, Kalifornien)

Permanent Ruin is a hardcore punk band hailing from the Bay Area California started in 2011, the band has been pushing forward recording and touring since its inception all the while endorsing a lifestyle free of bull shit posers. The band pulls the harshest parts of hardcore music and jams it down the garbage disposal to create a monster all its own.

This four piece has 3 eps released in the states and a new collection LP released on AGIPUNK in Europe.

Arrested Denial (Punkrock, HH)

Founded late summer 2009 in Hamburg. The first 10-track EP „Church On Friday“ was recorded DIY and released as a free download. The first release was followed by many live gigs in 2010. The second record was released March 2013 on Mad Butcher Records.