Despite Everything und Astpai

Datum: 21.09.2014
Uhrzeit: 18:00 Uhr



Erste offizielle PFLASTERSTEIN CONCERTS Show: SONNTAGS-FRÜHSHOW mit Despite Everything und Astpai. Beginn schon um 19 Uhr!


Blasting out of a dirty basement, on the outer City limits of Vienna, comes the forward thinking, punkrock sound, of Austria’s very own, ASTPAI. Think, None More Black meets Angus Young meets Dan Yemin and you are in the right ballpark. The heavy rocking, Hardcore/Punk sound, intertwined with melody and sing-a-longs, from vocalist, Zock’s distinctive vocal style, offers a very personal and political view on modern life.

Despite Everything

Four guys from Athens Greece, sharing stages, mics, inflatable beds and the same passion for long drives and punk rock since 2008. Having just released their strong debut album “The Dawn Chorus“ in winter ’13 the band is out doing what theyve always been doing, touring. In the past 4 years the band have released a few EPs and done around 300 shows all around Europe, UK, US, and Canada including 2 appearances at FEST in Gainesville, Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, and all the dirtiest squats, basements, garages, bars in towns just like yours…