Beehover, Shakhtyor und Golgi Complex

Datum: 07.05.2014
Uhrzeit: 20:00 Uhr



Konzert mit Beehover, Shakhtyor und Golgi Complex.


First of all it’s organic rock music straight from our guts, it’s absolutely credible. You can dance and shake your head to it but if you listen closer you will discover lots of dynamics and unusual song structures in the songs. All songs are as long as needed to be told, be it three or eleven minutes.


the russian miner, arises from the depths. Pounding drums, a massive bass and walls of guitars, recorded with the unique sound of the Tonmeisterei (Omega Massif, Kodiak) are formed to a unique, sometimes atmospheric, sometimes neckbreaking blend of instrumental Doom, Sludge and Post Metal.

Golgi Complex:

combines Progressive Rock with electronic parts and heavy mid-tempo-Djent, overlapped by male and female vocals. Their music oscillates somewhere between post- rock soundscapes and thrilling polyrhythmic entertainment.