Datum: 20.06.2019
Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr


TALK (in english) at 19:30h „Between estrogenes and tough-guy Hardcore“ (Doors open: 19:00h)

Maja started giving talks on her experiences as a trans*woman within the DIY music scene and the wider music industry both as an artist and as a booking agent/tour manager. She operates her international tour service „Queers to the front Booking” and puts on DIY shows in Germany. She identifies as trans*female and uses the pronouns ‘she/her’.”

The talk will be in english. You can ask questions in german.

After the talk: „Hold on to your butts and see if you can handle this shit!!!“

Axe Rash (Stockholm/Uppsala)
Hardcore punk

HAG (Malmö)
Punk/ Hardcore

presented by Bikini Kiel