This Home Is Prepared

"We wanted to change something, simple as that. We wanted to take down this city, same as the earthquake did 42 years ago. A city that doesn’t recall of anything beautiful. A place, in which nothing is worth of rememberance. We locked ourselves in a garage, and began our therapy upon 6 homo sapiens‘. Five males and a female. We played music, awfully reminiscent of the cry of our murderers. We sang funeral songs, crying over our own graves. Silent, but knowing that each of us is wondering "What is it like to live? Can we do any better then this? Why do we get up every morning, in order to do that which we dislike?" There are a lot of us! Thousands, millions… maybe even billions?! Who is our enemy? Is it he/she, or they? One thing is certain though. The struggle is on! The struggle that carries on every single day. The struggle that takes place everywhere. Wondering, we realized that we are our own biggest enemies. Yes, we signed our death sentence the moment we forgot of the taste of the freedom. Freedom?! Remind me… I forgot!"


Konzert in der Alten Meierei am 29. August 2006

mit FxPxOx und The Rats

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