Ghost Mice

hi, my name is chris. i play guitar in ghost mice. my friend hannah plays violin. we both sing. i play some harmonica and tamborine (with my foot) as well. we play acoustic punk music. some people call it folk punk. i guess it is folky. we play 100% acoustic. we never use amps or mics. we have been playing in bands together for about 7 years. we started ghost mice in 2002 because we we tired of being restricted. we were tired of having to travel in big vans and depend on amps, PA systems and electricty. with ghost mice we can travel very light and we need nothing to play. we often play in back yards or on the street corner in front of the venue. we have toured the USA many times and we toured europe (germany, holland, denmark, austria, france, spain, belgium, england, wales, scotland and ireland) by foot. we hitch hiked and took trains to all of our shows. it was fun and very liberating. we sing a mix of personal and politcal lyrics, we are anarchist, we are dedicated to the DIY ethic and the struggle to make the world a better place. we play music and travel for fun and to meet new people. music is our lives. we love travel. we are nice and a little shy. please feel free to get in touch or check out the record label that we run. email me:

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Konzert am 8. August 2004 in der Meierei

mit End on End und A Light in the Attic

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