We started as a 4-piece in early 2000 in Hamburg featuring ex-members of GUINEA PIG and PHILLIPPÉ.

Our goals?
To create and play challenging music that is that makes you want to dance, that makes you want to become a rocket-scientist, makes you want to share some quality-time with your friends … makes you want to want to do whatever you want. To fight boredom by travelling, getting comfy in the van, having something we can call our very own thing that can not be controlled by evil forces that rule the outside world!

…to mention some of them.
The singing-part is done by M. Rudolph. A thirty year old astronaut from the Odenwald in Germany who – besides being a member of our band – runs a huge, nasa like space-travelling company sort of thing, and who tends to feel alienated every time he returns from one of his jurneys. On the guitar we are proud to have M. XXX on our side. A very unique and obsessed scientist of sound. So, be warned!
Then on the bass guitar we have Stefan Day, thirtyone years of age. In order to maintain both his mental and physical balance he enjoys going on secret missions all over the world as a martial-arts fighter. On the drums there is F-Low Brandel. Another lonesome fighter, out there to take total control over your body and soul when kicking it with his fellow musicians.

ENIAC Style:
A post-noise-emo-thing, very weird in arrangement and style and consistant at the same time, like the ultimate combination of PARTY DIKTATOR, BLENDWERK and KURT. Or for the americanophiles amongst you: take the best aspects of NOMEANSNO, put it into a blender with GRAY MATTER, and add some SHOTMAKER or RED SCARE to it.

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Konzert in der Meierei am 1. April 2005

mit Kurt

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Konzert in der Meierei am 10. Juli 2004

mit The Phoenix Foundation

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