We had a Conflict between Politics of the Region Hamburg and People who lived in "Lorry’s" . They lived in a nice and cultured way in the middle of the city. These Places that we’re calling "Bauwagenplätze" were something very important for the neighborhood’s because of the Music and Art szenes of the City. This People have also Children and a "normal" way of being. But they were not accepted by the Government and the Riots starts because the Police beginns to fight against this Comunity. This Movement was called "BAMBULE" and there were a lots of Demonstrations and the Hafenklang and their Dj s (know members of the Drumbule-Crew) starting to mix Drum n Bass on the Demonstrations and made Soli-Events for the process-money. The Drumbule-Crew was born!

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Konzert auf der Meierei-Geburtstagswoche am 17. August 2013

mit Lena Stöhrfaktor und DiskoCrunch

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Party in der Alten Meierei am 16. Mai 2008

mit Alif Sound System

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Move against G8-Festival am 19. Mai 2007 in der Pumpe

mit Berri Txarrak, Albino, Oi Polloi, Chaoze One, Lotta C, Alif Sound System, Alcohol Fino, Special Guests, Chaos Control, Hallo Kwitten, Protestera, Desechos, Martingo und Silly Walks|Silly Walks Movement

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Konzert in der Alten Meierei am 9. Dezember 2006

mit La Phaze

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